Have you heard the story about the guy cutting a tree with a blunt saw?

No? Okay, here we go. There was a guy who needed to cut a tree in the woods. He worked very hard but the progress was very little since the saw he used was blunt. There was a lumberjack passing by. He saw what the guy does and said: “You should sharpen your saw, and you will cut the tree 10 times faster”. The guy listened to him and answered: “I do not have time to do it because I am working hard on cutting this tree”. The moral of the story – we do not have time to improve things in our business: like creating more leads, sales or freeing up some time.

In the old days, you needed to have a team of people to run a business. Nowadays, with the internet and technology, one guy can accomplish what the same business with 10+ employees could in the past.
After working with number of businesses, and being employed myself in the past, I can tell you what every business requires 100%



How does everybody do it? You know how?  Advertising. Newspapers, facebook ads, google ads, podcasts, ads and etc. You drive traffic to your company site for money, or you get it organically for free from search engine.

Question for you. What happens next? How do you convert your website visitors to customers?

There are probably some customers that go to your products or service page to buy, but most of the traffic do not result in purchase. What can you change and how can you automate it?

Email marketing is the answer. There are hundreds of interested people visiting your site, who are ready to buy or use a service. However, majority of them are on the edge. Should I use this company? Is it trustworthy?  It is very hard to fall in love from the first sight. How many times did it happen in your life? Therefore, the email marketing is the strategy which helps to resolve the objectives or doubts people may have, and convince them to use your company.

On this site, in the blog section, you will find tips, stories, case studies, strategies on how to use and improve email marketing in you business. However, the first step you should take is to download our actionable guide below.

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