As we work with variety of different industries and areas of digital presence, we tested many tools and software. Many of our clients ask us for recommendations on tools and software. On this page we decided to list all resources that we recommend. All tools and software divided by categories.


Klaviyo Рthe best of the best email marketing platforms for ecommerce businesses. Close to 95% of my ecommerce clients use klaviyo. Click here for free trial. 

Here are few interesting posts/videos:


Zapier Рif you want to connect any two cloud based software, Zapier is the tool which helps you to do it. This is the default tool I recommend to get for all my clients.


PipeDrive – I am a big fan of simplicity. Pipedrive got my attention. I am in the process of testing this cool new tool for me and so far I am in love with it.


Asana. I worked as a project manager for 8+ years in ¬†corporate America, and tested multiple tools like … but it is the best one so far. It is hard to compare with any other software. It is simple, easy to use and to put everybody on board with it.


Slack. We have text messages, facebook messenger, skype and etc. However, how can we separate business conversation and personal? Slack allows us to do it. Slack app is only for businesses, and only for team communication. I love it since the day I started using it.


Calendly. It is the one software I use to schedule all my in-person meetings, online calls and phone calls. It allows me to schedule meetings and not worry about double booking and meeting overlaps.