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If you’re looking for an experienced team of senior ecommerce email marketers to help you grow your online store, you’re in the right place. At Email Marketing NYC. we specialize in email marketing services for ecommerce businesses.

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I have actually had the chance to work with Andriy on a few projects and would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone. His work ethic is inspirational; this will become apparent once you begin working together. I believe adding Andriy to any team will significantly improve the chances of success. Best of luck to you, Andriy! I look forward to working together in the future.

Jared Surnamer

Andriy was a pleasure to work with. He completed my project successfully and was attentive to our needs. I will hire Andriy again for our next marketing project. I felt confident in his skills and ability to get the project done.

Greg Roels

Andriy gave me with some excellent guidance on how to build a full-scale, profit-boosting email campaign. He provided me with a detailed funnel map, and some key feedback. We’re implementing it right now, and the sales are coming in. Very happy overall, would recommend and hire again.

Maxence Roy

Great Personality – Andriy gives more than just a plain service. He has a total understanding of the nature of given task and everything he does is done by the best possible way. Andriy has outstanding experience which reflects the work he has done. I had trouble to run my website but he sorted it very quickly and i am ready to sell. I am gladly recommending him to others, he is a genuine hard worker. It was easy for me to reach him at any time and job was ready in no time.Thank you!

Zane Vondracek

Andriy provided valuable technical expertise and a good second opinion on our content. He clearly understands email automation. Thank you.

Erik Wind

AMAZING work, good communication. Will always use for my email marketing from now on without question. Andriy was always there to help me even with other things that I did not know about Will be using again. Thank you worked alongiside to get all flows up and running

Danny Walia

I worked with Andriy on a Mailchimp to Klaviyo migration. Andriy is very methodical and good at what he does. He lays out a plan and sticks to it, but most importantly he makes you stick to the plan as well. He will push a project forward even if the going gets tough and he does not give up. Andriy was always willing to get on a call and talk things through and he is concerned with making sure that you feel good about where the project is and if you’re not, he’ll fix it. I highly recommend Andriy.

Elliott Rader

Andriy was incredibly attentive and thorough. I have another project coming up and I hope he is free to help me complete that one. Definitely would love to work with him again.

Ian Maher

Andriy was fantastic to work with. He developed fantastic Klaviyo flows with excellent copywriting and design that are already converting well. He was a great communicator and kept me informed every step of the way. I wouldn’t hesitate to hire him again.

Diane Burroughs

Andriy was a pleasure to work with. He was very responsive, created a personalized plan for our company and executed the plan. He was very flexible and spent extra time creating additional journeys. The traffic to our site has increased dramatically and we are pleased with the opt ins to our email lists.

Gino Barbaro

Andriy was exceptional in his approach, work, and innovation. We had been back and forth with so many consultants and so happy to have found a consultant we can trust and use for any future jobs.

Initally I thought different time zones would be an issue however his fast responses and turnaround proved that this was not an issue.

Thank you for your hard work.

Rory Boyle

Andriy was very professional in all of his communication and attention to detail. I will use be using him again with help that I need with Infusionsoft and other related items.

Erik Van Horn

Andriy was very helpful and patient with me as we worked around my schedule. I’m switching from Mailchimp to ActiveCampaign and I didn’t want the headache of doing everything myself. He connected various platforms, imported lists, etc.

Andrea Wilson Woods

Pleasure working with Andriy. He was consistent in communication and timely with work. Made sure I understood everything he did for me within Active Campaign and Word Press. True professional.

Frankie V

Andriy did a great job. Excellent job. Delivered way before deadline and communication was superb. He goes over and beyond and is a very driven freelancer. I would not hesitate to hire him again.

Randa El Zein

Outstanding experience. We are thrilled with the project and are already seeing benefit of the automation Andy put in place. Will definitely use again. This was the perfect project to outsource as no one on our team had this capability. Thanks Andy!

Rose Marie Iskowitz

Andriy is literally amazing. He responds with lightning speed and with such depth of knowledge it’s like I’ve got my own marketing expert within earshot. His dedication to our company’s projects is as if they are his own. Simply put, he does exactly what he says he will do. I would highly recommend Andriy!

Kevin Bupp

Andriy was extremely professional and for a novice he patiently walked me through the process and offered sound advice. His knowledge and skill is exceptional. Will definitely use him again for future automations.

Tamara Hunter

Andriy is excellent, knowledgeable, communicative, and works quickly. I would gladly hire him for another project in the future. I highly recommend him and his work.

Jennifer Dietrich

Andriy is my go-to guy for all things marketing and automation! He has a vast knowledge of many email marketing platforms including Act-On which we use and delivers on what he promises.

Alex Rossman

Andriy was awesome! He helped us out with a last minute project when our tech gal was out of town and I was so thankful. I would use him again. He is very knowledgable and easy to work with. He was also in great communication about project status and sets realistic expectations which I appreciate.

Mara Glazer

Andriy and his team are awesome. They created an email campaign for me and my online sales increased by 40% in a matter of a few months. Crazy. He is professional, organized, and sent me thorough demo videos walking me through the process so I could have my assistant do updates. Would highly recommend him.

Rachel Brown

I’ve been in digital marketing for the last 5 years and it’s rare to come across a talented team like Email Marketing NYC. Andriy and his team were a pleasure to work with and I would highly recommend them!

Preston Miller

Andriy is a subject matter expert who knew how to guide us to success with our Klaviyo project. From assessing needs to final execution, working with Andriy has ben an excellent experience. Highly recommended.

Liz & Alan Weissman

Andriy was fantastic and very clear. He helped me structure my needs and explained the steps along the way. He was always very patient with the project when we had to pause for a few days. Highly recommend Andriy!

Agathe Lerolle

Andy is great to work with – an excellent communicator with excellent knowledge around email marketing.

Chris Irving

Andriy was awesome to work with…he was prompt, professional and gave great guidance as well as feedback during the project. Will definitely work with him again!

Michael Stamatinos

Andriy was incredible as always. He automated a task that someone wanted to charge me a monthly fee of $150/month. He was also very communicative and fast. He went above and beyond expectations. I plan to work with him more in the near future and would recommend using him for any email automation campaigns.

Alula Leakemariam

EXCELLENT. Andriy is a pleasure to work with. Very professional, smart, and a great communicator. Andriy has excellent knowledge of advanced email strategies, best practices, and software. His skill set covers high-level strategy to the nuts and bolts of integrations, list management, detailed segmentation, automation, and deliverability optimizations. I just wish we met him years ago!! Thanks for the great work and I am certain we’ll be reaching out again to take advantage of his vast knowledge base.

Kira Karmazin

Andriy was easy to work with, communicated regularly and provided exactly what we asked for.

Brad Paz

Andriy is very knowledgeable in email automation. I will hire him again in the future. He went above and beyond to complete the project successfully.

Gopalaramanujam Sudhakar

Andriy is a true pleasure to work with for Ontraport consultancy projects. He communicates clearly, is flexible with his schedule, delivers on-time, and helped us to understand issues that we didn’t even know we had in Ontraport. He’s very professional and helpful – highly recommend!

Daniel Whelden

I have enjoyed working with Andriy so very much. He is so knowledgable about email marketing. He gave me great advice and helped me to choose the right services and vendors to work with. I’m already hiring him for my next project as well as working with him on an hourly agreement so that he can help me to strategize on my next move. Great work Andriy. I highly recommend him.

Crystal Wright

Andriy raises the bar for all freelancers. He is extremely easy to work with and eager to answer any questions or help where it is needed. He did an excellent job with a few different projects. He responds quickly and exceeds expectations. I highly recommend him.

Tara Rose

Very professional. Good communication. Performed the task quickly and efficiently. Definitely recommend.

Lindis Courtney

Andriy was a pleasure to work with. He completed my project successfully and was attentive to our needs. I will hire Andriy again for our next marketing project. I felt confident in his skills and ability to get the project done.

Dottie Bernasconi

Andriy was amazing to work with. We went over exactly what I was looking for created a sequential plan to execute the job and even helped me with the functional of the Active Campaign automations. I will be using him from now on for future jobs. Thanks man.

Moe Taha
NEA Management Inc

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